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Experience Thrill And Fun Of Clash Of Clans

A decade ago, Smartphone came into our lives as a luxury for rich people who were able to afford the high expenses of smartphone and internet services which cost a lot. With the change in time and technology in past 3 years, smartphones have become a necessity, a daily life item which is essential these days. With the revolutionary plans of few telecommunication companies, internet services can be availed at a cheap price to every class, age, and group. This has generated a new business of online gaming which is most trending for 3-4 years and is considered as a revolution in the world of gaming. Many websites offer a numerous number of online games for free.

What are the online games?

Online gaming includes games which can be played on our screens- either laptop or smart phones. However, most of these games are available and played on mobile phones. Online gaming is exciting because it gives access to people to play it anywhere, at any time of day or night and even in a group of school or colleges by playing multi-player games. Online games are mostly free of cost ad to require only mobile data to use them and some of them don’t even need internet after installation. These games are categorized into many types including- wars, strategy, planning, building, racing, and others. Online gaming has become a drug for youth because of the excitement they give to its users.

Clash of clans

Commonly known as COC, the strategy game was released by one of the most popular company Super cell 6 years ago. Supercell Oy is a mobile game company which was established in 2010 in Finland, since then it has released 4 games which are namely Hay Day, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Boom Beach. Clash of clans has been the most successful game amongst all of them. It was launched for iOS devices initially in the year 2012 and after one year, it was accessed to Android users in October 2013. The free to download online game is a strategy and planning game which requires focus and quick decision-making with the coordination of alert mind and quick movement of fingers. As the name suggests, the game is a clash of clans which means troops or army and the player who is the hero of the game, has to save his village from the attack of enemies. The support is given to the player in form of resources to protect the village with help of troops. Clans or troops can be created up to fifty members who can play the game together and work as an army against the attackers. When the player completes the levels without being killed until the end, he wins the game. The game can be played individually or with friends. The game is single-player as well as multi-player. It can be downloaded from its official website, this website is user-friendly.

Resources available in the game

Resources help during the game play in supporting the player or players. These resources have to be collected and build by playing smartly throughout the game. The player has to collect gold and create his own gold mines and storages which help as a defense in the game. Gold is used for making buildings which are used for the purpose of defense. The buildings need to be upgraded after regular intervals to make the defense stronger and powerful. The player also needs to accumulate elixir to make elixir collectors and storages. Elixir is helpful during the game to create troops and train them, for research in the lab to upgrade these troops and make them efficient, to load X-bows and also in construction and up gradation of buildings. The building helps in making a base to save from the attack of the enemies or rivals and work as a shelter for players. Various towers including Town Hall 7, Town Hall 8, the Inferno Tower,Town Hall 10, The Eagle Artillery available at Town Hall 11 known as defensive building and Town Hall 12 can be built and upgraded by elixir and gold storages. Other towers include Giga Tesla which is stronger and helps in opening the Siege Machine and Battle Blimp which are workshops for troops. The more powerful hero- The Garden Warden can also be unlocked with the help of resources. There are various types of buildings which can be constructed for the player and by the player to protect the village namely cannons, mortars, teslas, bombs, traps, archer towers, inferno towers, eagle artilleries and wizard towers. Walls can be built in between the game whenever the requirement arrives. The game has two different kinds of barracks namely the barracks and the dark barracks, the spell factory and the dark spell factory are two different spell factories available in the game. These help in the creation of troops or increasing the army for better support to the player in defending the village. To have an experience of the amazing game, visit this website.

Addiction in the youth

The game has no age bar, however, it is played crazily by a large percentage of youth. It has been the most popular and installed game in these years because of the trill it provides to its gamers. The fun and exciting set-up of the villages, the visuals, the colours and graphics, everything about the game is magnetic for everyone, once you start playing it, the game has every minute detailing in it which will keep you involved in it. From the thrill of armatures to resources and building, the strategy and planning which requires focus towards the game completely, the clash of clans give excitement and fun to its users which is increased at every second step. It is a free application and does not require any penny to install it. The most amazing feature of the game is the multi-player strategy many players to work in coordination. This is one the reasons behind the success of the game. The thrill of the game increases every time with the multiplication of difficulty and the potential attack by the rivals. The game can be the best pass time to freshen up mind, improve focus and to gel bond with friends and family.