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Pokemon Go, what is it?

The pokemon franchise is one of the most recognized franchises worldwide, created in Japan, which started as a video game, which later evolved to be a franchise of animated television series, card games and video games. It is for this reason that it is considered one of the most profitable franchises among the young population of the world.

Pokemon started as a video game where the players had the purpose of capturing the greatest number of creatures with special abilities, called pokemon, which were distributed throughout the territory that the game covers. These creatures could be trained to improve their skills and strength, so that they were then used in Pokemon battles between the player and other coaches.

These games were very popular because they provided a lot of adventures to the players, in addition to allowing the game between several players at the same time, which could exchange pokemon, making their collection bigger at every moment. In this sense, the games of Pokemon became so famous that currently represent the second most popular and best- selling games franchise of the company Nintendo.

Consoles where you can play Pokemon

Pokemon games can be played on almost any console created by the company Nintendo, which offers a large number of titles in this universe. Among these consoles we can find as the most popular the following:

  • Gameboy and all his models
  • DS and all its models
  • Nintendo Wii and all its models

Due to the diversity of consoles in which you can play the various pokemon games, this franchise has turned out to be very popular around the world and therefore very profitable.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon games have evolved with him over the years, improving both its gameplay and its graphics, also adding a lot of new pokemon and new territories that the player can explore, so that it will never be boring to use these games.

However, these games were limited to a game console where the territories to explore were totally virtual. It is for this reason that in 2013 the idea of developing a virtual reality game where players could go the real world while conducting the search for Pokemon emerged.

The idea became a reality when in the year 2016 of public as an application a game called Pokemon Go, which was freely available on the Android system and on the IOS system. The application turned out to be a worldwide success, receiving millions of downloads in the first days after its launch.

Pokemon Go became a worldwide trend, to the point that the servers collapsed within a few weeks of its release. This has the same game options as the games created for the previous consoles, with the difference that it had the whole world as territory to explore.

Beyond this popularity, this game also received criticism and genre controversies worldwide, since, a series of accidents occurred that were attributed to the use of this application without being aware of where they were, so, it was recommended to use of the application with more caution.

What is the game about?

The game consists in the search of pokemon in the streets of the real world, which is represented in the form of a map, where the closest Pokemon appear at the moment the application is activated. The most common pokemon usually appear in easily accessible places in the city, such as police stations, churches, etc. While those strange Pokemon, tend to appear in less common places and therefore are more coveted among players

Players receive a signal from the application when they are close to a Pokemon using the GPS system, also warning by using a flashing light that is projected from the flash of the device’s camera. Then, when activating the application, it uses the camera of the device to project the image of the pokemon, which can be captured with a so-called Pokeball, which is activated by making a vertical movement with your finger on the screen of the phone.

It should be noted that this game system works as a means of social interaction between players, since it encourages players to interact with each other when performing a Pokemon battle or when exchanging one of their Pokemon, in addition to It promotes traveling through different locations to increase the amount of Pokemon in the collection.

Reactions to Pokemon Go

The game Pokemon Go was highly anticipated from the moment of its official announcement, since it would allow young people of different ages to enjoy the universe of Pokemon that they had known in animated series and other video games. It is for this reason that, in the first days of the launch of the game, the same one received a great number of downloads, arriving to add million in the platform of Google Play.

The reactions of the players were very positive, so the game became a trend around the world, so, the game came to suffer system crashes due to the number of users who used the application at the same time. However, after several months of its publication the application stopped having so many users, so, the company that developed the application was commissioned to provide new features to the game to attract new users and keep those who already had.

Updates and general characteristics of the game

One of the features that makes pokemon Go special is the ability it gives players to exchange their Pokemon, so that the collection of more than 200 specimens can be completed. However, these 200 Pokemon are those easy to find in the game, existing other types (legendary Pokemon) which can only be found in special events where a place is announced and where these Pokemon appear, these events being unique.

Another special feature of this game is the existence of the so-called Pokemon gymnasiums, which are special places where players can reach and face the gym trainer achieving medals or trophies to win the challenge, thus being recognized as more medals are held.