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A Guide To Best VPN For Torrenting

In today’s world internet is mostly used for downloading of data and merely for surfing. You can use various websites and applications for the downloading of data using the internet quickly and easily. But is your data protected and encrypted? And the answer to this question for the most of the people would be no. So, here comes the concept of VPN.

Before starting the journey of best vpn for torrenting we first need to know what torrenting is. Most of the people out there download files using torrent. So basically torrenting is a way of file sharing in which the uploader uploads the file on the server and the seekers of the file downloads a part of the file which is distributed on the servers in the form of packets. So the packets of the file are distributed in an alternate manner on the server to various peers.

VPN stands for virtual private network, it is a gateway between your device and the internet. Basically, an internet service is provided by an ISP (Internet Service Provider) so VPN is basically an intermediate between you and the ISP. VPN basically encrypts the data which is flowing through your computer such that the ISP cannot detect where the data is going and what is the data which you are receiving and sending. The only thing an ISP can monitor is that you are connected to a VPN.

VPN basically changes the IP address of your system and indicates an IP of its server which enables the user to share files using torrenting.

Why are VPN used?

There are tremendous uses of VPN servers from privacy to protection. Some of the uses of a VPN server are as follows:

  • Privacy: This is one of the most important features for which a VPN is used. VPN creates a gateway between your device and the internet you are using. So that every bit of data to and from your device goes through the VPN. VPN simply encrypts the data from your device that can only be decrypted by your device and the VPN. And the VPN blocks the IP address of your system to other devices and the internet service provider by showing an IP address of its own server that is activated in another country. So basically using VPN you are a system of another country.
  • To avoid censorship: VPN is widely used to avoid censorship as some of the websites are censored by the government of their countries so a VPN is used which basically shows the IP address of VPN server instead of the system to avoid censorship.
  • File sharing: VPN is solely used for the purpose of file sharing. VPN provides file sharing with privacy as it shields your real IP address while you are torrenting. It basically shields the IP address from the peers on the server which are also downloading the same file as you are.

Traits of the best VPN used for torrenting

VPN is widely used for privacy and protection but if you are torrenting, VPN is an imperative element that hides your IP address from other Peers on the network. Following traits of the best vpn for torrenting are:

  • Privacy: Privacy is the sole purpose for which the VPN is used in the first place. Torrenting is a concept of file sharing between the seeders and the peers. Basically, seeders are the sources of the packets of the file on the server and the peers are downloading sources. But the peers on the server downloads the packets of the file from each other, which is the risky thing about torrenting because this makes your IP address available to all peers on the network. So VPN is very crucial in such a case because it shows the IP address of its server instead of the IP of the system which makes the user protected by keeping the privacy intact.
  • No Logs VPN: VPN can keep your privacy but it does not make the user anonymous because VPN is an intermediate between you and the internet so it can log the information about your internet activities and if a court summons your internet log information from the VPN service provider then they would provide the information because no one would love to end up in a jail for protecting you, right? So here comes the concept of no-logs VPN these are the VPN services that do not store or log your internet information in the first place. So basically they never have any information regarding your internet activities they just provide you with encryption of the data.
  • Kill switch: This is an astounding feature that is provided by many VPN services. So basically a kill switch cuts off the internet connection to your device if the VPN fails or any mishap occurs to ensure that the user is protected. VPN services are not invincible so they are probable to fail, as the VPN is the gateway to your internet so to protect the user they simply disconnect the user from the internet.
  • Fast speed: You should use a VPN service that provides torrenting in the first place. And the VPN should provide fast torrenting, as the data to the user is provided through the VPN server so it takes a little time but the encryption and decryption of the data takes sufficient time that mainly affects the speed provided by the VPN. So a VPN uses a concept of port forwarding that allows fast redirection of data in a network. So one must use a VPN network that employs port forwarding.
  • Immune to port fail: Port fail is a drawback in a VPN server that employs port forwarding. In port fail, there is a vulnerability that the real IP address of the user can be detected. Port forwarding makes the speed of data faster and easy but the data is transmitted through insecure channels making it immune to hackers. The data is always encrypted in a VPN server which makes the data literally impossible to decipher. So a VPN service should be availed which provides immunity against port fail.

There are numerous VPN services that can be used for torrenting but some of the features are not provided by every VPN service that makes the user immune to privacy and hacking. So a user should use the best vpn for torrenting which provides no-log feature so that the VPN service do not have any record regarding your internet activities. One should use VPN service that provides kill switch feature so that you remain protected even if the VPN fails. And the last but not the least, one should use the VPN which is immune to port fail against port forwarding.