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How To Take Care Of The Environment

How to take care of the environment

Taking care of the environment is not a whim, but a necessity. It is a set of actions that we all must carry out to avoid the destruction of our planet, despite the fact that in recent years it seems that we have contributed more to its deterioration. With joint collaboration, we can achieve great goals, but for that, it is essential to contribute millions of grains of sand.

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Six Tips To Help Protect Rainforest

Six tips to help protect rainforest

The protection of the rainforest is of vital importance both in the fight against the climate crisis and to preserve biodiversity. You can also protect the tropical forest with actions in your day-to-day. We have seven tips for you.

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A Day At The Elephant Nature Park In Chiang Mai

A day at the Elephant nature park in Chiang Mai

Seeing elephants up close is one of the main attractions in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand. What few people know is that many the elephant rides or “Elephant Camps” do not treat the animals with the affection or care they deserve. After researching a lot, I chose Elephant Nature Park. The sanctuary takes care of about 45 elephants. Most of them were rescued from some risky situation or abusive treatment. There are no shows or elephant rides there, but there is love and care. One of the most fantastic experiences of my life and something not to be missed for anyone going to Chiang Mai!

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