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How Does White Borneo Kratom Compare To White Maeng Da

How does White Borneo Kratom compare to White Maeng Da

If you are looking for something that is a healthy alternative to your daily beverage of tea and coffee and can also infuse you with energy and other benefits at the same time, Kratom is definitely the answer for you. A herb that is specialized in different parts of South-East Asia, it has gained so much popularity and relevance that people from all over the world are indulging in it. Their main characteristic property includes stimulation, pain relief, and a sense of euphoria on the consumption of high amounts. It can be also used for a number of medicinal purposes. The leaves of the Kratom are the main components that are crushed and consumed. It is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after herbs nowadays.

The classification of Kratom is mainly done on the basis of the geographical location where they are cultivated and the kind of strains that they have. The Thai and the White Borneo Kratom are the two most common types along with the Maeng variety. In terms of strain, it can be of red, green, or white in color. The different strains specialize in a different type of utility and many people consume it for that particular use itself. For example, the white-veined ones have high stimulatory value but are not so effective in pain relief as the red and green ones. In this article, a general comparison has been between the White Borneo and the White Maeng type.

White Borneo Kratom

This type of Kratom specifically grows in Borneo and is also cultivated there to be used locally as well as globally. The leaves which ripen are the main source of this type.

Uses of White Borneo Kratom 

  • Provides you with the required energy

In case you feel completely drained out at the end of the day and wish to feel more energetic, this is the best for you. Lethargy can also be kept at bay with it.

  • Helps to tolerate pain better

You will develop more endurance to pain. This is mainly due to the increased stimulatory effect of the body and the function of mitragynine present in it.

  • Helps to deal with insomnia-

It helps you to sleep properly in case you could not do so earlier. You can even indulge in deep sleep by using it.

Dosage of White Borneo Kratom

It depends on what you want out of it. If you are looking for more focus 3 to 6 grams should do the job. However, if euphoria and pain relief is on the cards, then you may need to amp to 7 to 9 grams.

White Maeng Da

This type of Kratom is a relatively new strain but scores high on the strength aspect. Derived from Mitragyna speciosa, the leaves of the tree are used to make this Kratom. Along with the strength, the aroma is very strong too as it contains different alkaloids and flavonoids required for it.

Uses of White Maeng Da 

  • Replacement for coffee for energy

Many people who were reliant for coffee for their daily dose of energy are now shifting to Maeng Da type of Kratom. This is mainly because it is a healthy alternative. The energy provided to the body is of clean type.

  • Enhancement of cognitive ability-

When you drink Maeng Da regularly, you can avoid the jitters. Thus, you can go about with your day to day activities in a better manner with superior cognition.

  • As a remedy for depression-

People who are shy and introverted in nature can benefit from this strain of Kratom. It has the ability to boost your self-confidence as well and can help you face situations that can make you anxious otherwise. Therefore, your social life will definitely improve.

Dosage of White Maeng Da

The different dosages have different functions. For beginners, 2 grams is enough while people who are at the intermediate stage can take 4 grams. If you are already used to it then a quantity of 8-10 grams will be effective.

Giving a verdict on which is better is not possible. This article intends to provide a brief description about two of them. You can make your choice according to the choice and requirements that you have.