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These are the most dangerous animals for humans

Humans adore animals and because of that, we tend to have pets to care for and be friends with. This occurs with the dog as one of the ideal pets par excellence, whose characteristics mean that it connects perfectly with humans. However, it should be borne in mind that there are certain animals, or certain cases, in which this combination of humans with animals could be dangerous.

Here we tell you what are the most dangerous animals for humans

  1. The dogs

Dogs are the perfect companion for humans, we cannot have any doubt about that. However, it must be borne in mind that in order to have a furry as a pet, it is necessary to educate and take care of everything necessary to earn their love and respect. Otherwise, we may not be your friend, but your enemy. It would be then that the canine would become a threat to us. And this, unfortunately, happens on quite a few occasions. This would also have to do with the dog’s own temperament. We have data that proves this: according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, between 1982 and 2013 some 466 people were killed by dogs in Canada and the United States.

  1. The lions

The lion is the king of the jungle, and this is so, it is for something … Nobody dares to face a lion, a spectacular animal of great beauty, but also of great temperament and strength. A confrontation between a human and a lion would only turn out well in a science fiction movie. Such is the strength of a lion that it can eat 3 4 kilos of meat in a single meal and rest for a whole week until it hunts again. Tanzania is the birthplace of lions and there, according to recorded data, lions are known to kill approximately 100 people a year.

  1. The bears

In the same way, it would not be a good idea to try to fight a bear. Specifically, bears anthills giants are a protected species in Argentina and one of the animals dangerous in the world, even though they have no teeth. Let’s not forget either the brown bears and the polar bears, equally very dangerous. It should also be taken into account that the bear’s hatred of humans would be linked to its danger of extinction due to factors such as hunting.

  1. The horses

We cannot say that horses are dangerous, but rather that there are a lot of accidents due to riding. With the practice of this sport, it is known that in the United States around 100 people die a year. In any case, horses are a great ally of man, having been used for centuries to plow the field, transport goods and passengers. In the same way, they have been battle companions in all the wars that occurred up to the 20th century.

  1. The tigers

Even more dangerous is a tiger, which is known to kill 50 to 250 people a year in  India and Bangladesh in this area. Undoubtedly, these cats can be the most dangerous animals of all, especially for survival reasons, that is, tigers are carnivores and therefore, in extreme cases, they will look for food anywhere.

  1. The hippos

Interestingly, hippos are one of the most dangerous animals in   Africa, in fact, they are known to cause far more deaths than even a lion could. This has to do with their strong jaws and long fangs, in addition to their enormous weight. As with other dangerous animals like them, they are in danger from poaching and the deterioration of their habitat.

  1. The deer

In the same way, although it might not seem like it, the deer is one of the animals that causes the most deaths in the United States, claiming more than 200 lives each year. In addition, and unfortunately, they frequently cause a large number of motor vehicle accidents on the roads by invading the lanes to cross them. Again, this has to do with the fact that their natural habitat is being taken away from them and that is why they end up being present in more urban areas.

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