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Things You Need to Know Before Getting Braces

You are on this page because you are either interested in putting on braces or you already have them. It could be that you are having teeth, which are not in shape. Whatever your reason for getting braces interested, it is important to remember that, you are not alone in this and if you click here, you will be able to find out that over four million Americans at present are wearing braces. But before you dive into the orthodontic, it will be important that you click here to be able to read more about braces so that you know what to expect.

  • Your lisp might be minor

When you get your teeth straightened with braces, you might have a minor lisp. This is because, when the metal brackets are attached to your teeth, it has to impact on the way you speak. This means that you don’t have to be worried when, after fixing the braces, it is impacted. After some time, you will find that you get used to talking with the extra hardware in your mouth. It is a first step on the way to having straight teeth that you have always wanted.

  • The application of the braces hurts

There is a need for you to be reminded that, when the orthodontist is applying the braces, it hurts. For the process to get completed, it will take at least two hours during which time, you should expect to be in discomfort and pain. If you are a working class or a student, then it will be best that, the day you are going to fix your braces, you take the entire day off to recover from the pain.

  • You will have to carry lip balm

During treatment, it will be important to have lip balm and this is true as from the first day you fix the braces. When the orthodontist is fixing them on day one, it will take some couple of hours and it will be hard for you to moisturize your lips while the work is ongoing. It will be wise of you to carry lip balm to nourish your lips to your dental appointments to avoid feeling uncomfortable.

  • There is an uncomfortable feeling for the first few weeks

Most likely, this is the first time you are having something stuck to the front of your teeth; two rows of brackets that are adhered to each chomper. You will need to adjust to get used to the braces with time but it won’t take a lot of time. After a few weeks, you will not even be remembering how you looked before you put on braces as you will see it as your normal look.

  • Flossing is a challenge with braces fixed

It has never been easy to floss and although it is one of the important activities in dental care, you will find that, with braces, it will even be harder. There are some people with braces who find flossing to be near impossible. You will need to remember that, cleaning your teeth is crucial and thus, you have to do what it takes to ensure that you floss.

You can utilize flossing threaders which will help in pulling regular floss through the gaps or use the water flossers which utilize a water stream that is narrow to be able to displace food particles that are leftover between your teeth. While it might be easier to use water flossers when you have braces, they are not recommended by most dentists to be a substitute for braces.

  • It will not matter to your lover

When you watch TV shows and movies, you will be discouraged to put on braces as those with them in most cases, are painted to repulse their lovers. There are so many people out there, if you click here, you will find that they have braces or had them at one point in life, and they lived or are having a happy romantic life. So don’t worry, that special person will still hold you with a lot of love even after you fix your braces.

  • Tightening is important, but you should be ready for the pain

After the braces have been fixed, you will need to go for tightening once in a while and thus, expect to feel pain. But with time, as your teeth align itself, you will be able to feel less and less pain with every tightening visit. But it is normally different for everyone, but as someone considering braces, it is good to know in advance.

  • Food will get stuck in your braces

It is automatic that, whenever you eat, food will get stuck in between your braces. You will learn about how to take care of this by ensuring that you have a brace care kit or something which will contain toothpaste, a spare toothbrush, floss threaders, and floss.

  • In the first month after fixing the braces, your teeth will change a lot

When you fix braces, they normally work very fast in reshaping your smile and the look of your teeth. In the first month alone, you will be able to notice teeth that are straightened.

  • You will be part of a special club

After you have fixed your braces, you will become much aware of other people around you who have braces too. With time, you will bond due to the fact that you will be meeting up when going for checkups and sharing some experiences which might be similar. The bond created might turn into something great in the future.