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What Makes Contour Light So Exciting

When it comes to aesthetic management of overweight and obesity problems, there are reasons to believe that going in for non-invasive body contouring is very much in demand. Today there are thousands of people who use this technology for getting rid of unwanted fat from various parts of the body. This includes thighs, buttocks, abdomen, chin and arms. The technology pertaining to heating and then drawing out excess fat from the body is changing quite fast. Even a few decades back, painful and highly invasive methods were used to pierce out the excess layers of fat located in various parts of the body. They were without any doubt highly painful and the recovery period was also quite long. Further there were always the risks of infections. Hence people were looking at other advanced and safer ways of treatment and this is where technologies like contour light could perhaps be of great use. We would therefore be doing our readers a great favor if we tried and explained them the various reasons as to why this could be a great way forward.

How Does It Actually Work

Many clinical studies have proved that when subcutaneous fat cells are exposed to 635nm light, they become stimulated. When they become stimulated, they start to release triglycerides and this release happens in the interstitial regions of the body. Once this happens there is a need to properly balance the person’s systems so that the excess fatty acids are processed and discharged and removed from the body.

However, there are a few important things that one must bear in mind for getting the best results as far as the patients are concerned. First and foremost there is a need to drink lot of water so that the excess fat and lymphatic system is drained from the body. Further there also is the need to balance the diet and ensure that it does help in maintaining the weight balance. The need for exercise is also suggested but both diet and exercise need not be punishing because the main job has been done. When the light is pushed out in the mid-600 nm wavelength, whether in the form of LED or laser, you can be sure that it will cause reaction in the fat cells. Hence at the end of the day the amount of light energy that is being released and the wavelength of such release are important factors to be kept in mind.

Why Is It So Special

When we talk about contour light, we are talking about something which gives up to 100 times extra light energy when compared to others in the market. Further you can also be sure that this form of treatment is virtually free from pain and there is no discomfort or heat. The safety record of this form of treatment has been checked quite a few tome and it is considered perfectly okay both for the patients and also the doctors and technicians who undertake this job.

The Technology Behind Its Working

The credit for this technology becoming real should be given to a Columbian physician. He found out that when a patient is exposed to a mid-600 nm red light before liposuction surgery it had quite a few benefits. It ensured that the subcutaneous fat to become loose and frigid and therefore it became much easier to remove. When additional tests were conducted there were reasons to believe that the results were quite satisfactory and even astounding. The mitochondria within the fatty cells became quite stimulated when they were exposed to the 635 nm light. This resulted in the creation of transient pores as far as the cell membranes were concerned. This also made the fat cells to shrink and the contents of the fatty cell including triglycerides, fatty acids and glycerol were able to enter the lymphatic system and then got transported to the liver.

Hence at the end of the day there is no denying the fact that this form of treatment has been found out to be quite effective. However, before going in for it, a better way forward would be to take the help of experts and be sure that the entire thing is safe, result oriented and delivers on the promise that it claims it will make.