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Firstly, what is a glass pipe? A glass pipe is a device used to smoke tobacco or even herbs. Glass pipes are pretty common in today’s world. And as it is common so obviously it sells more. There are numerous of manufacturers of glass pipes, but the question is which one is the best, as quality is the most important thing whichever product it may be. The answer is here, as the most reliable and trusted makers of glass pipes are Luxe Products USA. The makers of glass pipes here are trusted so you can enjoy your smoking experience, but in case you face any kind of problem, then you can contact us.

Materials from which Pipes are Made

Unlike clay pipes or wood pipes, glass pipes don’t impart any contending flavours to the experience of smoking. Pipes made of porous clay and combustible wood were valued before the invention of glass pipes because of the tastes they had in addition to the taste of smoke. But later glass pipes became more popular as they isolated the smoke’s flavour and provided a refine smoking experience. And if you also want a refined smoking experience then contact us.

There are also few variations in making glass pipes like some are made into a large bubble by blowing the very glass and then applying a clear glass of regular hexagonal pattern. Then the bubble is collapsed back into its close-packed form. This design of glass pipe is called honeycomb glass.

Glass pipes are unique as no two glass pipes are exactly alike, as they are made by an artisan, unlike the clay pipe, which is mass-manufactured. Mostly, these glass pipes are blown by hand. Some of them are entirely hand-made. Others are different as they are spun on glass lathes, just like the wood-working lathes. It is done so that larger pieces can be produced by the artisans.

Different Types of Glass Pipes

There are different shapes of glass pipes provided by the Luxe company. If you want one then you can contact us. Below given are the different pipes:

  • Chilllums
  • Steamrollers
  • Spoons
  • Bubblers
  • Novelty

The first one is Chillums, which is also called hand-pipes. They are the most basic glass pipes of all the shapes available. They are simple, small glass tubes. To inhale the smoke, the users put the smoking material at the end of the tube and apply flame. However, there are drawbacks to this simplicity. The smoke does not easily clear, as there is no carburettor. Also, they are appropriate for only small amounts of herb blends or tobacco.

Steamrollers have glass or bowls on glass attachment on one facet of the pipe. Both endings of the pipe remain open, and the open ending close to the bowl works as the carburettor. Some of these steamrollers have compartments between the glass and the mouthpiece. This lets the smoke to be rolled which enhances the cooling.

Spoon pipes are the most recognized and common glass pipes. After the smoke is produced, it becomes stale just in a few seconds. The carburettors on these pipes allow the additional air to be inhaled in. The carburettor in these spoon pipes, is a simple hole. When the hole gets covered with fingers or even thumb, then the incoming air is inhaled through the bowl. By this process, smoke gets drawn into the pipe. Air again enters via the carburettor when the gap or hole is uncovered.

Through the Bubbler pipes, the harsh flavour of the resins and tar is filtered out. Before inhalation, these pipes spread the smoke with the use of water. By doing this, the resin and tar is removed causing a smoother taste of the smoke. Although cold water is standard, the compartments are sometimes supplied with hot water which creates water vapour in the smoke opening up airways which facilitates smoking. Due to cold water, the smoke is cooled creating a fresh and crisp taste.

Novelty pipes are custom made pipes which are commonly used by the geeks and nerds out there. Every single pipe is crafted with intricate designs. It can be anything like a glow in the dark one, or a dragon themed pipe, whatever you like.

The Online Glass Store

At Luxe Products USA, the makers sell the best quality glass pipes. They do not compromise with the quality Their products are reputable and of top-class and what’s more they are affordable too. So, if you also want to have the experience of smoking from the best pipe, then contact us.