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What are the benefits of Secondary Glazing?

If you have not yet embraced secondary glazing then there is something that you are missing out on given the advantages that it is associated with. For those who may be new to this term, this is usually a second or additional window installation that complements the existing one. These kind of windows come with advanced features that make them more functional compared to ordinary windows. If you feel that your primary windows are not up to the task, you can always source for secondary glazing service from reputable glazing companies like Vidro Group.

To enjoy maximum benefits of secondary glazing, you should take time when choosing a glazing company. This is because it is not just any company that alludes to be a glazing company that is actually able to deliver quality services. For that reason, consider a number of things such as experience, credibility and warranty of services when choosing a company. Back to benefits, you will notice difference once you have your secondary windows installations compared to when you only had the primary windows. So what exactly are some of the benefits that we are talking about?

Benefits associated with secondary glazing

These are the top benefits that come with the move to adapt secondary glazing for your house:

  1. A general reduction in heat loss and energy bills: If you currently have single glazed windows in your property, chances are that you are losing heat up to 30%. This is because of reasons such as poor insulation where the windows for instance do not have quality and effective seal. Since the energy bills are always on the rise, you should save yourself from the ever rising bills by having secondary glazing installed.

These windows have the capability of reducing heat loss because they come with an additional pane that possesses quality thermal insulation features or properties. The frames are usually thicker compared to ordinary glass and despite the fact that they cost more, they are a worthy investment when compared to the high energy bills that you usually put up with every month.

  1. Sound insulation: Having to deal with a noisy surrounding every other day can be very exhausting. Talk of the departing and landing aeroplanes in a nearby airport, a very busy street with all kind of noises some of which you can’t even figure exactly what they are, among other equally disappointing sounds. So what exactly is the solution to all this? You need secondary glazing installation services.

You don’t have to worry about the already established connection you have with your current windows because these other ones come in different designs too that you will get used to as well. You will definitely notice a difference once you get secondary glazing services because these are windows which are designed to block a good percentage of noise or sounds coming from the outside.

  1. You get value for money: Secondary glazing is here to offer you a long term solution to any issues related with windows. With time, you will find that ordinary or primary windows are prone to occurrences that call for redecoration, repairs or even replacements. These are all money fuelled moves that will have you spending for such services now and then. For a solution that will give you 20 years of service and even beyond, secondary glazing is the option.

They are durable which makes them a perfect choice of windows for those tired of repairing and replacing windows now and then. It can be an expensive venture or investment but one that will save you from unplanned for expenses to fix this or that as far as windows maintenance and repairs are concerned.

  1. Security guarantee: The doors are not the only entrance that a thief or burglar can use to enter a house on their stealing missions. Windows are equally a very possible route for them to use. This is where secondary glazing comes in. An additional pane or window to your already existing one is a wise move when it comes to improving security at home.

You however have to ensure that the windows that you are going to have installed have all the security enhanced features that make them ideal for that purpose. Secondary glazing windows are usually fitted with catch locks that fasten the moment the window is closed. The security bolts, thick and insulated glass and lockable handles are some of the features you should look out for when looking for windows that will guarantee you safety for you and your family.

  1. Minimal maintenance: It is not complicated as you may tend to think when it comes to cleaning maintaining or taking care of your secondary windows. This is because for starters, they come in Upvc trim covered sub frame that doesn’t require any painting. Also, you can easily retrieve the panes from the frames for easier cleaning. There is a guide on secondary glazing maintenance that you should have a look at and get to know the various ways through which you can carry out window care procedures for the same.
  2. A reduction in condensation: If you are currently facing a condensation problem with your current single glazed window, then it is time to embrace the secondary glazing window. It will definitely do away with condensation because they allow ventilation between the existing inner window and the outer one.
  3. Damaging light protection: It seems that burglary is not the only issue that secondary glazing windows can offer you protection from. There are the intrusive sun rays that usually penetrate through single glazed windows which can damage things like soft furnishings and accessories or even sensitive furniture. To protect such things from such rays, you can invest in secondary glazing windows because they come in a protective glass that can minimize the intensity of such sun rays.

That is the list that makes some of the most advantageous things that secondary glazing installation services offered by reputable companies have to offer.