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Do what watches do-keep going

The wheels of the watch turn slowly; mechanical movements are complicated and cumbersome to produce. Despite this, we get to see new trends emerging every year that is innovative in the field of watch making while being value for money at the same time. The luxury watches market has started investing in areas like watch straps, dial designs, and color experimentation. All these innovations prove that there is still a huge scope of creativity and these companies would just about try anything under the sun to make their products unique!

Collaborating with car companies:

Luxury today is all about customization. There is a deep connection between cars and watches. Classic chronographs are refurbished a reintroduced as a complimenting accessory to your dream automobile. The drive to customize these watches is such that many make use of the materials used in the car manufacture.

Heritage Diver watches:

This trend was started by the Tudor company in the UK watch market with the introduction of the Black bay Heritage edition in 2014. Since then, there has been no looking back. Diver watches deploy contrasting color schemes in their products that make them highly sought after. Big names such as Rolex and Omega have joined in the fray to reintroduce their 1957 watch models with modern reinterpretations. For instance, Rolex reintroduced the Sea dweller edition with Cyclops lens for the first time in the market.

One of the most indispensable companions of man! Starting out as multicolored candles and sandglass, we have measured time through various devices such as clocks, watches and now- smart watches. They have evolved from portable spring driven clocks used in 15thcentury Europe. The addition of the balance spring in 1657, improved the accuracy of the watch manifold. This addition enabled the inclusion of minute hand in 1680 in England and in 1700 in France. The oldest surviving wristwatch in the world is made in 1806 and given to Josephine de Beauharnais. Before the industrial revolution, the wristwatch was worn by women only as men were accustomed to pocket watches

Latest trends in wristwatches:

The latest innovation in the watch industry is the advent of a smart watch. There is no doubt that these Smartphone compatible buddies have created intense euphoria in the luxury watch market. Manufacturers today continue to focus on the traditional strengths: accuracy, quality, make and finesse with added emphasis on craftsmanship. No wonder chronographs continue to be the most widely sought style of watches by patrons even today. The industry leaves no stones unturned to outfit the classic models with a contemporary look while adhering to stringent standards of watch making. The technical and aesthetic perfection has gained precedence over luxurious design. Customers are more drawn to vintage inspired models. The elegant art deco work of the 1920s, the concept of objectivity in 1950s or the angular style of the 1970s. But the companies offer more than just history! Interchangeable metal straps, metal bracelets with adjustable length, slim body. In their purest form, watches have been used as instruments to measure the time. Additional functions such as alarm clock, stop watch, calendars have proved unnecessary when it comes to fulfilling this singular task. This is a back to basics concept, now being widely incorporated by the big names in watch making. A date display is useful additional information today, as we tend to lose track of dates in our busy routines.

Analog watches continue to top the charts due to their battery free function. Some new models offer an innovative self- winding movement with 05 days power backup. Contrary to the earlier models, there has been a paradigm shift towards watches with smaller dials. The new luxury watches have dials measuring 39 to 42 millimeters in diameter. One of the more recent trends observed in the watch industry is the usage of blue color in dials. This started as a trend five years ago and now this color has planted itself firmly next to evergreen colors like black and white. Similar to blue, green color is cautiously making its way into the dials color menu. As per the PANTONE institute of color, green gives a cool and clear tone. This gives the watch a fused look that is both modern and retro. The light blue tinge of these specially fabricated green colors gives a touch of class and covers all the characteristics imparted to the watch by blue color.