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The Most Aggressive Animals In The World

The most aggressive animals in the world

There are very aggressive species, some by the pure instinct of violence and others when they are threatened, the best thing is to know and respect them so as not to suffer bitter experiences, regardless of whether they are large or small or walk alone or in a group.

In this article, we briefly describe ten of the most aggressive and dangerous animals in the world, without the order of exposure necessarily constituting an exact scale of danger.


From the cartoons, it would seem that these plump animals are all cute, but nothing could be further from the truth. Hippos can run at speeds of up to 50 km per hour and attack anything that dares to invade their territory. In fact, they are responsible for the death of 3,000 humans on average per year, and females will not hesitate to protect and harm anyone who tries to approach their young.

Saltwater crocodiles

Many point to the saltwater crocodile as one of the natural predators with the greatest predisposition to attack and devour humans. This reptile up to 5 meters long manages to be very stealthy and camouflage itself perfectly with everything around it, to carry out a perfect attack, in which its prey does not know what is attacking it until it is too late. It is said that it has the strongest bite on the planet and it uses it to drag its prey to the depths and drown it, and then devour it with greater tranquility.

Rates or badgers

As silly as it really is, the honey badger is popular for being one of the most aggressive animals on the planet. They can fight with lions grown for a meal and endure as many bee stings as possible, as long as they get the liquid they enjoy the most: honey. In fact, it is quite common to find a specimen on the verge of death near a hive, due to the punctures it received while trying to feed or a glutton.

Such is the danger of this rate, that it cannot be confined in zoological parks since it would attack anything that bothers it or intervenes in its territory.

Assasins bees

Resulting from a failed experiment that mated African and European bees in search of more honey, killer bees are extremely dangerous animals. No matter how small they are and that they only attack if provoked, this is a species that must be taken care of very well, because when it attacks it does so in large groups and the victim will always leave with more than one bite.

Bull sharks

With the strongest bite of any known shark species, the bull shark has the highest record of attacks on humans in shallow water. They do not discriminate to feed and that is how they attack small fish the same as dolphins and even other kinds of sharks.

As a fierce predator of nature, the bull shark adapts to different habitats and that is how it has been found even in freshwater lakes, where it is also one of the most aggressive species on the planet.


Baboons are the most aggressive primates. It is known that when they feel threatened they chase their prey until they fight, but with that same predisposition, they fight each other even to the death, to gain dominance in the group. Aggression becomes even greater in males when it comes to their females; they are very jealous of them and if they disapprove of their behavior they beat them with extreme violence.

Black mamba

Black mambas are the fastest snakes on the planet and one of the most poisonous. Just two drops of its neurotoxic venom, against which there is no known antidote, are enough to quickly kill a human. They attack based on the fear of feeling threatened, but they feel that way as soon as something gets too close to them and since they habitually live entangled in the trees, it is difficult for a potential victim to know when one is close to them to provoke their attack. Hence it’s a high danger.

Wolverine or glutton

The wolverine is the longest member of the weasel family and although they appear cute and charming, they are dangerous and aggressive by nature. These small mammals weighing only 15 kilos are capable of defeating predators such as wolves and fully grown bears, making them aggressive animals that must be taken care of.

Gray wolves

A pack of gray wolves can take down prey as large as a moose without much mishap. When they hunt they do so without mercy and begin to devour their victims even before they are completely dead.

Such is the aggressiveness of this species that, even when its prey outnumbers it and are just as violent, its main cause of death is territorial fights between two or more specimens.

Wild pig

Wild boars are famous for their aggressive temperament and their predisposition to fight and attack. Whatever habitat or space they reach, they manage to become an invasive species, which must be respected and feared. Contrary to popular belief, finding them today is not very difficult, since they have become common in many forests on all populated continents. So, in order not to meet them, it is best to be careful.

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